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Financeminers is an online private trading platform and investment safespace, that specializes in trading and managing accounts and funds for investors around the world; Opening a free account with us today, will open your path to financial free life.


We lead the financial market

Quick Withdrawal

Our automated withdrawal system helps us ensure instant withdrawals on our platform, withdrawals are processed in less an hour.

Reliable Platform

We have served and helped over 3 million individuals in different sector including NGOs in financial needs, we have been trusted over 3 years by our customers.

24/7 online support

We are always ready to deliver all required information and questions ,simply chat our customer service for any support.

Highly secured

Your security is our priority,we have used the lastest secured technologies to ensure your money and data is save,for over 3 years our security remains the best.

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Our trading plans


Basic Plan

  • Minimum : $200
  • Maximum : $5000
  • Daily profit : 2.0%
  • Profit withdraw : 7days
  • capital withdraw : 20days
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Standard Plan

  • Minimum : $5000
  • Maximum : $10000
  • Daily profit : 3.5%
  • Profit withdraw : 7days
  • capital withdraw : 20days
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  • Minimum : $10000
  • Maximum : $100000
  • Daily profit : 5.0%
  • Profit withdraw : 7days
  • capital withdraw : 20days
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About us

Financeminers is an online private trading platform and investment safespace, that specializes in trading and managing accounts and funds for investors around the world; ensuring that investors get their promised ROI on trades,with instant access to their funds anytime.

We spread out our speciality to different known sectors with calculated risks and professionalism.This includes capital markets,stocks and bonds,CDFs and cryptocurrencies.We understand the risks involved in handling and investing funds in sectors like this cause of volatility and have partnered with professionals in the fields to help our investors make maximum profit from their funds trading on a safe and regulated environment.For over 3-years we have delivered as promised,to different prominent clients.

Trading Statistics

"As time goes on, I get more and more convinced that the right method of investment is to put fairly large sums into enterprises which one thinks one knows something about and in the management of which one thoroughly believes."

We have over the years changed lot of lives since the interception of financeminers.our service delivery have been unique and monopolistic, which is one of the reason our clients trust us safely with thier funds.

Total Deposit

Deposits are manually approved within 24 hours of making payments,once payment is approved your trading wallet will be credited.

Total Withdraw

Profit withdrawals on Financeminers occurs 10days from the day of investment and capital 20days from day of investment.

Total Profit Earned

Total profits earned on Financeminers varies according to the trade plan selected.

Running 10 Days

All trades on Financeminers runs for a period of 10-days from the day of trade.


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Our top contributors


Gorge Pecker

CEO Financeminers

Andrew James

Financeminers Investor Invest amount:$900,000

Evia Rose

Financeminers Investor Invest amount:$540,000

Freddie Smart

Financeminers Investor Invest amount:$329,500

Getting all setup

Step 01 - Creat Account

Creating account on Financeminers is free and takes about 20secs to create and get your account approved for trading.
To open a free account with us you need the following

  • Working email accounts from any email provider.
  • Working phone number.
  • Strong password and username.

Setp 02 - Fund your wallet

You need funds to access any of our trading plans,so you will need to fund your Financeminers wallet once your account have been successfully created

Setp 03 - Choose a trading plan

Once your account have been funded the next step is to choose a plan to trade from the list of plans available on Financeminers.
Please note you can invest on more than one plans simultaneously.

Setp 04 - Request withdrawal

Once your plan have reached its maturity time, you can request a withdrawal and get your funds credited to your local wallet within minutes.

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10% Referral Commission

Be part of our affiliate program,copy and share the unique referral link on your dashboard and get 10% of every funds deposited and traded by your downline.


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